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This glossary is also a work in progress, and from time to time as more information comes to light meanings and pronunciations may alter slightly, because after all we are talking about a whole world so of course there will be variations in how things are said and what they are understood to mean from one place to another, but hopefully this will give you an idea of how to say the words as they are said in the Aethermarinus generally, and help you to understand who is being spoken of. I have also collected some meanings behind the names which may give some more background to the places and people, though here also there are likely to be some mistakes.

Caution! If you haven’t read the book don’t read too much of the glossary as it may contain spoilers!

Aeloran: (Ayr-loh-rarn) An Island in the Aethermarinus. Meaning ‘A light in the sky.’ From ‘Aer’ Air, and ‘Lóchrann’ Light.
Aeolian: (Ee-oh-lee-an) A ship from Aeloran. Meaning ‘Carried by the wind.’
Aeranimh: (Ayr-ran-neem) An island in the Cielomarinus. Meaning ‘Songs of Heaven.’ From ‘Aer’ air, ‘Rann’ verse, and ‘Neamh’ Heaven. Or ‘Aire’ seek.
Aethermarinus: (Ay-ther [as in third]-marin-us) The realm between the Cielomarinus and the Teramarinus. Also known as the Ether Marine. Islands are separated by vast open spaces where one cannot see anything but sky in any direction. Meaning ‘The Air Sea.’
Aiyr: A place somewhere near Althorn in the Terra Marine.
Althorn: a port town in the Terra Marine. Meaning ‘High Horn.’ Or ‘Barren Land.’
Ambrose: A son of Mathis St Amalric.
Angaston: the general of her majesty’s forces on Meridian.
Annabella Bien: Queen of Meridian and all of Sho’Orakai. Meaning ‘Gracious, beautiful, friend.’
Aolani: (Yolani) A guardian from Aeranimh in the Ceil Marine sent to protect the isle of Wye. Meaning ‘Cloud from heaven.’
Arazin: the king’s own island in the Ciel Marine. Also known as ‘Araislinh’ Meaning ‘Hope Sighted.’ From ‘Ara’ Refuge, and ‘Aisling’ vision.
Arceo: (Are-key-oh) A respected individual from Gaardeveran.
Ashton St Amalric: eighth son of Mathis St Amalric. While naming the boy Ashton may at first seem cruel, given his history, in reality Mathis is bestowing a great name on him; the name doesn’t refer to ash from fire, but the ash tree, in this sense ash means spear or bow, the wood of the ash tree is strong and resilient. There are also myths about nymphs hanging around ash trees, which is funny because Santee is always hanging around Ashton.
Atoll of Arinn: group of islands, nearest neighbour to Sho’Orakai. Ruled by pirate governor, Vasco Renardo. Busy trading port. ‘Arinn’ a fireplace.
Avaeste: (Ah-vay-est) A ship with a heart, built by Phineas Tuck and sailed by Trevallian Valentin until its demise in ten thirteen, restored by Ashton. Meaning ‘Like a bird’ or ‘A bird flies east’. From ‘Ava’ Like a bird, and ‘est’ Is/or east.
Banks: thief and sailor from Althorn. Becomes lieutenant on the Avaeste.
Baroco: in island in the Aethermarinus. From ‘Baroque’ Over-indulgent style, and ‘Morocco’ a desert place.
Bartle, Henry: Botanist on meridian.
Bastien: her majesty’s secretary, on Meridian.
Berens: a sailer from Althorn.
Branagh: a type of Drigan.
Calegra Camba Descada: an individual banished from the Cielomarinus to the Aethermarinus. Meaning ‘Happiness withers’. From Alegra ‘happy’, cambiar ‘change’, and desecado ‘dried up’. But also understood as ‘he delights in your despair.’
Carex Argentius: Latin name for the Silvertip Sedge.
Carramar von Marax: henchman of Calegra.
Carter, Anthony: young sailor from Althorn. Becomes lieutenant on the Avaeste.
Ceann: (Sane) ‘Chief’ or ‘Leader’
Ceil Marine: the Ceilomarinus, in common speech.
Ceilomarinus: (See-el-oh-marin-us) the highest of the three realms described in ‘The Captain, the Avaeste and the King’, mostly unreachable from the Terra or Ether marines. Meaning ‘The Heaven Sea.’
Cierrecay: (Sierra-cay) Island in the hidden realms of the Aethermarinus, renowned for its shipwrights. Meaning ‘the wide bay’ or ‘mountains surround the bay’.
Concordor: (Con-kor-door) A schooner under the command of Prince Edward St Amalric and Captain Frederick Gifford. From ‘Concord’ agree.
Conte Fra Antelli: an alternate character of the king of Diamantine.
Descalabro: very large frigate of Calegra. Meaning ‘Misfortune’
Dew: the name of an undersized albino goblin.
Diamantine: an island in the Aethermarinus.
Drigan: Large flying beasts of various kinds native to Gaardevaran.
Edward St Amalric: Eldest son of Mathis St Amalric.
El Torero: the ship of Vasco Renardo. Meaning ‘The bullfighter’
Encyclopaedeae cum Medicus in Orbis Terra Antiqituus: A book of rare medicines of the old world.
Ether Marine: the Aethermarinus, in common speech.
Eventide: a lateen-rigged caravel under the command of Prince Simon St Amalric.
Everlast: a frigate originally given to Queen Annabella as a gift from Aeloran.
Gaardevaran: (Gar-dever-arn) Island in the hidden realms of the Aethermarinus, renowned for its drigans and sages. Meaning ‘Brave Guards’ from ‘Guard,’ and ‘Everard’ Brave.
Gifford, Frederick: Captain of the Concordor.
Gragan: and old man from Althorn who has moments of comical wisdom.
Gualtiero: (Gwol-tee-air-o) a pilot and inventor in the king’s service on Diamantine.
Guedo: The name of Uncle Max’s oversized wart. (This could be a handy piece of information if you ever have to give a secret password to a goblin.)
Haim Clogh: (Hame-cloh) the Ceann of Harnogh. A dwarf. Meaning ‘head stone’ from ‘Helm’ head, and ‘Cloch’ – Stone
Harnogh: (Har-no) a floating ship-city of dwarves.
Highbury: Cartographer on Meridian.
Hylethar: (Hi-leh-thar) An island in the Aethermarinus. Meaning ‘Rain on the Highlands.’ From ‘Hy’ High and ‘Leith’ wet.
Ile de Merle: Blackbird Island. In the island group of Sho’Orakai.
Jennings: sailor from Althorn. Becomes lieutenant on the Avaeste.
Josef: formally king of Meridian and Annabella Bein’s husband (now deceased.)
Kebaticus: (Ke-bat-ik-us) A goblin isle in the Aethermarinus.
Kielan: the baby boy of Annabella Bien.
Lucas St Amalric: Second eldest son of Mathis St Amalric, originally from Gaardeveran.
Marcus: A son of Mathis St Amalric.
Marsh Walump: not a very nice thing to call a Swamp Monster.
Mathis St Amalric: King of Aeloran and the surrounding Aethermarinus.
McGregor: a sailor from Althorn.
Meridian: central island of Sho’Orakai. Home to Queen Annabella Bien.
Mirathan: (Mirra-thairn) A city of elves where there is an exquisite library. From ‘Mirus’ Wonderful and ‘Athairn’ Fathers, though arguably could also be from, ‘Mir’ Sea, and ‘Orthain’ prayer.
Morris of Swamp: a friendly swamp monster.
Muljone: (Mull-yone) The harbourmaster on Wye.
Novania: also called Ile de Novo. Island in the hidden realms of the Aethermarinus, said to be the closest island to the Ciel Marine. Meaning ‘the new forest.’ From Nova and Sylvan.
Oundin: (Oon-din) Island in the hidden realms of the Aethermarinus, renowned for its craftsmanship.
Patrick: A sailor from Althorn.
Phillip: A son of Mathis St Amalric.
Phillips: sailor from Althorn. Becomes lieutenant on the Avaeste.
Phineas Tuck: An inventor credited with the building of the Avaeste.
Reigcaq: (Reeg-kak) spiny drigans that can breath blue hot flames. Native to Gaardevaran. Meaning ‘War-cry’. From ‘Krieg’ war, and Shriek.
Rhovan: (Row-varn) the largest but most gentle breed of drigan.
Rhohavalan: An island and people of the Ciel Marine.
Rubra de Silva: governor of the harbour on Diamantine.
Sabin, Sabah: (Sa-bin) cagey leader of the survivors on Baroco.
Santee: a very clever sprite. From ‘Santina’ Little Saint.
Sebastian: A son of Mathis St Amalric.
Sho’Orakai: group of islands, nearest neighbour of the Atoll of Arinn.
Silvertip Sedge: a rare marsh plant said to cure all ills.
Simon St Amalric: Third eldest son of Mathis. Originally from Cierrecay.
Sucitabek: (Sue-seet-a-bek) the distant and first island home of the goblins in the Aethermarinus.
Teramarinus: the lowest of the three realms described in ‘The Captain, the Avaeste and the King’, in which seas meet each other with no gaps in between. Meaning ‘The Earth Sea.’
Terra Marine: the Teramarinus, in common speech.
Thale Wold: a field destroyed under the feet of Mathis St Amalric in a terrible battle.
Tom Needle: a young ship’s boy from Althorn.

Trevallian Valentin: A renowned explorer of the Ether Marine, previous captain of the Avaeste. From ‘Travail’ work hard, and ‘Valens’ strong.
Uthain: (Oo-thain) a people from the Ciel Marine. Also an island there.
Vasco Renardo: pirate governor of the Atoll of Arinn. From ‘Basque’ Raven, and ‘Reynard’ Fox.
West Fall: An island in the Aethermarinus.
Wye: An island in the Aethermarinus.
Wyotéa: (Why-oh-taya. Though often used short – Why-oh-tay.) A group of wolves on the isle of Wye.
Yvette: Daughter of the governor of Diamantine.
Zamparda: a ship.