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1st draft sketch of the Aethermarinus – click on the picture to see a larger image.

I was hesitant to put it out as it seems sparse for a map, lacking substance, but such is the ether where lie many isles scattered across a vast openness. Also, it is only a rough plotting of how the Aethermarinus lies, and based on my limited understanding. Let it be known I am no cartographer, nor am I in any way an expert at the intricacies of Aetherian navigation – it is an art that would take many years of study to grasp properly. They say the islands do move as well, in every direction on Ashton’s six-point compass, unlike the lands we know in the Terra Marine which are generally fixed roughly where they are. Also it might seem on this flat map that some isles are close when in actual fact the way is still far due to altitude difference or weather events, etc.

My calculations are often proved incorrect, but overall this map might come in handy if you’re trying to follow Ashton’s progress. Some names and places are missing, but there should be enough to follow the story. The next plan is to include more detail such as a better view of land-features such as mountains and rivers, and common weather features such as the haze that surround the hidden realms and things like that, and a closer look at individual locales too…

but until then, enjoy,