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The Captain, the Avaeste and the King is a fast-paced and heart-warming adventure following Captain Ashton, Swamp Morris, Santee, Dew, and an irregular crew, as they search for the elusive Carex Argentius.

‘Up anchor!’ he yelled, even though the boat that brought him hadn’t yet reached the Avaeste. ‘Let out the sails!’ he bellowed. ‘Everyone on deck!’
The crew assembled, their mission was explained, they may face cannon fire soon, Ashton told them, so they must get fast underway.
‘You didn’t ask to be here,’ the captain said, ‘so it’s not lightly I take you out on this mission, and I will not expect you to stand and fight if it comes to that.’
‘Oh but we will Captain,’ said Phillips.
‘And I second that,’ added Banks, ‘we’ll show them they underestimated us and the brave Avaeste.’
‘Hopefully it won’t come to that,’ Ashton said, ‘for I have another plan.’

This is a tale of high adventure – journey to islands far and wide, to fair beaches, deserts, marshes and winters as our captain and his irregular crew search for the elusive Carex Argentius. Encounter pirates, goblins, wolves, kings, queens, and tyrants, and be caught up in a battle on Meridian as the crew learn more of just what it is they are really searching for, and why their young captain is so determined to find it.

The Captain, the Avaeste and the King began as an experiment by the author in curiously styled prose, but the characters called for more, and so it grew into this marvelous epic which is sure to delight readers young and old. It is a tale of redemption and self-sacrifice, courage, love, loyalty, and the battle between good and evil. Finalist in the 2011 Caleb Prize for unpublished fiction.