They won’t learn, will they Morris? You’re a Swamp Monster, not a Walump

Novel in progress: Working title ‘Of Marshes and Starlight’

A sequel to ‘The Captain‘ we follow on with Ashton’s adventures across the Aethermarinus as he once again must avoid getting into the clutches of the tyrant, Descada. That, however, is not his only trouble…

Voted one of the Judges’ Favourites on Ink and Insights 2017.

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The night had been a hectic hey-go-round affair

Novel in progress: Working Title ‘Chef’

Due to his particular skills and previous history, a renowned chef at a top teppanyaki grill becomes a central person of interest in a soon-to-be-orchestrated heist. He finds himself gaining unsought attention from police and criminal masterminds alike, and is set on a collision course between them all, when he’d rather just go home and feed his cat. Continue reading “The night had been a hectic hey-go-round affair”

‘A Marsh Walump!’

Completed Novel: The Captain, the Avaeste and the King

This adventure started for me as an experiment in semi-lyrical prose. But by the time I’d written 30 pages (in a spectacular two-day stint) I realised I loved the characters and story too much to let them go just yet.

What followed was an epic quest, (for me and for my new written-to-life friends), as we discovered how to traverse the Aethermarinus and remain intact. Continue reading “‘A Marsh Walump!’”