They won’t learn, will they Morris? You’re a Swamp Monster, not a Walump

Novel in progress: Working title ‘Of Marshes and Starlight’

A sequel to ‘The Captain‘ we follow on with Ashton’s adventures across the Aethermarinus as he once again must avoid getting into the clutches of the tyrant, Descada. That, however, is not his only trouble…

Voted one of the Judges’ Favourites on Ink and Insights 2017.

Snippets from the first chapter:

“Ashton steered the Avaeste to a wider estuary that seemed the most likely option. Up the river they went, between the leaning mangroves and she-oaks, over mud pockets covered with the holes of crabs and insects. Up and up the narrowing waters, skirting the mud banks, brushing through the reeds and tidal grasses, under the boughs of old trees covered with vines and mosses. They just made it up a secondary meander as the way tightened, so they decided to stop here, close in to the side of the still marshes, as the crickets cried geg-gakkerig, geg-gakkereg.”

: : : :

“Swamp Morris followed the old monster into his dripped-mud and woven reed hut, observing the construction as he entered. It was all much the same as he remembered, but the mud of the floor was losing the pleasant sponginess that all good marsh huts should have, and mould was growing in the corners of the place, where there should have been dry-moss or rush-seed mats. And there were piles of this and that laying about, things out of cupboards and shelves, which had been got out and never put back.”

(More to come when I get some time to re-read the draft and fix up a few things…)