I never think much about Earth, but right at this moment I am.

Novel in progress: Dizzy of Xanthra

Dizzy is a human girl who belongs to a Veyan family, a very long way from Earth. She has never considered running away until a situation arises which makes her question what she believes about her life, her family, and her future.

Judges Comments:

 ‘This story felt very original and is unlike anything else I have read’
Jessica de Bruyn

‘This is a unique narrative and the premise is well-thought out and well-presented.’
Kim Aiken

There is a depth in your theme here that is staggering.’
The immediacy of both Dizzy and the action are wonderful.’
– Jess P

First lines:

I never think much about Earth, but right at this moment I am. Someone’s left the dome’s  light-refracting louvers ajar and I can see the stars. Even three stories above and through the glass roof of my room their twinkling forms are easily visible, projected onto the high arc of the dome’s ceiling. It is a welcome picture, interrupting for tonight the turning shadows that usually condense in the void once the moons have passed. It’s mesmerising, and beautiful. I wonder if Earth is amongst those stars. If it’s possible to get there. What it was like all those generations ago before our race was brought here. I know for some there is pain in those thoughts, but for me there is only wonder.