There is a raven sitting upon the bell tower

Novel in progress: Working title ‘Arellian’

“There is a raven sitting upon the bell tower. A raven with a keen, unsettling gaze. A look focused, searching, and somehow mischievous and wise at the same time. But this raven sitting on the bell tower is not of the genus corvus, not a crow’s relative at all, but a man, or something near to a man at least – certainly within our vale that is the nearest thing to what he is.”

: : : :

In building the world of The Captain, many other stories are unfolding, including this one, which forms some of the folklore of the Isle of Ilethei, and the background to one of the constellations by which Ashton navigates.

It is the story of a young Watcher, from the isle of Aeranimh, who answers a note for help sent up in a lantern. It is ultimately a story about courage and love.