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Jb currently lives on a hill not far from the coast on the eastern side of the smallest continent on earth. When it’s very quiet and still at night you can even hear the roar of the pacific ocean, or maybe it’s the highway? no, let’s say it’s the ocean. She has vivid dreams, particularly when she eats peanuts. Oh, and she lives under a hat, because she likes hats, maybe because it feels slightly safer there, and maybe because when one is wearing a hat, one is ready for just about anything.

Jb writes to escape the world. If you don’t like what she does that’s ok, she’s just putting it out there so other people like her might be able to escape for a while too. The few pieces you see in the works in progress section are just a tiny snippet of all the things she wants to get written!

When will another book be released? Hmm. Tricky question. It could be a while, but hopefully not. Jb is working on stuff in her spare minutes because it’s how she relaxes, but she works full time running her own small business so it’s hard getting enough time to write. And also there’s the fact that she’s a bit Entish – that is, nothing is worth saying unless it takes a very long time to say. Plus she’s ridiculously shy, and writing is very personal, so it’s hard for her to put it out there. But, if you want her to hurry up just keep encouraging and maybe something will happen, you never know.

If you wish to contact Jb it might not be possible but you could try sending orange tang to that good mail dot company. Or you could follow on the twitter: @JM_Bardsley or the Goodreads.